photo of a brass offering plate with foreign currency bills inside

Stewardship & Giving

Online giving is live! Head over to Pledge to set up a one-time or monthly offering.


How to Give

Financial offerings:

  • Come to worship at 9am in the Sanctuary and place your offering in the plate.
  • Mail a check to the church office: 106 E Main St., Victor, NY 14564
  • Set up Bill Pay through your bank (contact us with questions)
  • Give securely online through Pledge
  • Text VUMC to 707070 to give by text through Pledge

Offerings of Time:

  • Contact the church office or ministry leader to:
    • Volunteer at our Clothes Closet
    • Join the church choir or sing special music on Sundays
    • Help maintain the church grounds (shovel sidewalks, weed the garden, etc.)
    • Read liturgy or scripture during worship
    • Be nominated for a church committee
    • Teach Sunday School
    • or a new ministry you'd like to start!


About Financial Offerings

It's no fun to talk about money at church, we know. But, for better or worse, churches need money to function. We have to pay heating bills, buy communion supplies, pay staff, advertise events, support our ministries, and more.

The Church has run on the generosity of its members since the earliest days. Did you know? The early church survived mainly on the generosity of wealthy Roman women who became Christians.

If you're a member or regularly attend worship at Victor UMC, please consider making a regular financial offering to support the work of our church.



Every year, we do a Stewardship Campaign to gather the pledges for the upcoming year. Your pledges help our finance committee to create a realistic budget for the next year and to plan church programs and events.

If, during the year, your income changes and you need to increase or decrease your pledge, no problem. Simply let our finance committee know, and they will update the budget as needed.



We recommend that everyone work toward a tithe if possible.

The practice of tithing goes back to Israelite tradition. Shepherds and farmers brought the first fruits of each harvest to the Temple as an offering to God, in thanksgiving for God's role in creation, sustaining us and providing for us.

In the Church, tithing means giving 10% of your income to the church. We recognize that this isn't feasible for everyone at every income level. But we encourage you to prayerfully consider whether it's a goal you can work toward over time. It might seem strange, but many people find tithing a rewarding practice!

Oh, and you can always give more than 10%. If you're Jeff Bezos' cousin or something, we'd be more than happy to take your 12 or 15% or more ;).



If you'd like to consider including Victor UMC in your will, you can contact the church office to discuss options and work out details.


Membership & Stewardship

When we join a United Methodist congregation, we pledge to support that congregation "through our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness."

Offering your time and treasure to support the church is only a part of stewardship and supporting our church family. You can also support the work of God through this church by:

  • Joining the prayer chain
  • Inviting friends to church services and events
  • Talking to people about God when they're curious
  • Standing up for justice in the wider Victor community
  • Praying for a few minutes every day
  • or even just coming to worship as often as you can!