Sunday Morning Child Care

Childcare for children age 3 and younger is available in the nursery room during worship. Our church nursery is committed to providing a safe, nurturing Christian environment for young children. Our goal is to ensure that children in our care have a positive experience and a happy time at church.

What can you do to help your child have a good experience in the nursery?

  • Share any special needs or concerns with the nursery supervisor, Heather Ottnod.
  • Fill out registration paperwork.
  • Sign in your child and be sure to tell the nursery supervisor who will be picking up the child. (Sign out is also required.)
  • Provide fresh diapers and extra clothes as well as any bottles or snacks your child may need.
  • Bring your child to church in a dry, clean diaper.
  • Assist with transitioning your child into the room.