Volunteering for Children and Youth Programs

Victor UMC is blessed with an abundance of children and youth ministry programs. All of these exciting events rely on volunteers who give generously of their time, kindness, and wisdom to our children's programming.  To ensure a great experience for everyone, we provide training and screening of our volunteers. To learn more about how you can become a volunteer for our children and youth ministries, check out the information below.


How to become a volunteer who works with children or youth at VUMC

(1) Pray about what your interests are and how you would like to serve.

(2) Talk about your interests with the Christian Education Coordinator.

(3) Attend a Christian Education Volunteer Training.

These one hour events describe the various ways to be involved in children and youth ministry. In addition, they help train volunteers for their ministry roles and the basic procedures for children and youth supervision at Victor UMC. In particular, we will review VUMC's Safe Sanctuary policy. Training events are held as needed.

(4) Complete a Volunteer Application

We ask all volunteers to complete a volunteer application, which includes a criminal background check. To download the form refer to:

Volunteer Application



What is the VUMC Safe Sanctuary Policy?

Victor United Methodist Church is a Safe Sanctuary Community for all people. We believe it is vital to create a safe place that protects our children, youth, and vulnerable adults from harm. This means we recruit, screen, and train our volunteers (who work with children, youth, and vulnerable adults) to abide by basic supervision procedures in our ministries.


To learn more about why we implemented a Safe Sanctuary policy, refer to:

Why do we need a Safe Sanctuary Policy?


To read the details of our Safe Sanctuary policy, which explains the supervision process for volunteers working with children, youth, and vulnerable adults, refer to:

Safe Sanctuary Policy


To learn more about how we oversee our Safe Sanctuary Policy, refer to:

Who is responsible for overseeing our Safe Sanctuary Policy?