Weddings and Blessings of Marriage


The Wedding Ceremony is one of life's most significant occasions. Therefore, unhurried, careful planning is essential. This is true whether the couple anticipates a service with only a few relatives and friends in attendance, or a sanctuary service with several hundred guests.

We are happy to make our church available to members of the public as well as to the members of the church.

The Christian wedding is a sacred covenant and those coming to the church for marriage will recognize the covenantal character of this Christian act. Those who cannot in good conscience agree to this understanding are encouraged to seek secular assistance for their marriage.

The information found on the pages of the Wedding Booklet is designed to help those who desire to be married in a Christian service at First United Methodist Church. Before making arrangements for a wedding, please read all the information carefully and contact the pastor.

Request a wedding date as early as possible so that it may be placed on the church calendar without a possibility of a conflict. When you call the church, and the date is approved by the pastor, we will pencil your date in on the calendar. When we receive the Wedding Information Form and the Deposit we will officially put your wedding date on the calendar. Please call to make sure the Wedding Information Form arrived at the church and it was received.

Click Here for the VUMC Wedding Booklet

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